O&K Print Watch Print manager to control and audit printing costs in your organization.

O&K Print Watch

printer. Supporting multiple printing devices and unique printing pricing combined with per-user quotas and audit of all print jobs makes it possible to cut down printing costs and save on printing. O&K Print Watch is a powerful printing audit tool. Keeping track on print jobs and paper usage for all local and network printers, the printer monitor records who used a particular printing device, what and when was printing. Electronic images of all

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PDF Lock Unlock 2.0: PDF Lock Unlock Tool for removing PDF restrictions & Secure PDF with Password

PDF Lock Unlock 2.0

printing, coping and editing users are not allowed to take print, copy and make changes. Now if you want to unlock PDF files from these restrictions then you can use this PDF lock Unlock tool and instantly lock and unlock PDF files. Software remove master password and set user password on your PDF files and helps you to copy, print and edit your PDF files easily. Copy PDF, Print PDF, Edit PDF, Unlock PDF & Lock PDF is very easy by PDF security remover

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Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0: Lock Folder, Hide Folder, Secure Folder, Encrypt Folder, Password Protect Folder

Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0

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Remove PDF Print Security 1.0: Remove PDF Print security and enable PDF print rights and permissions

Remove PDF Print Security 1.0

print security from restricted PDF files? Give a try to SoftSpire’s PDF Security Removal tool to unrestrict PDF print security applied to Adobe Acrobat PDF files and enable PDF print rights to print PDF files. PDF Unlocker provides swift removal of owner password and other than printing, allows users to copy, edit, modify unlocked, unprotected, unsecured PDF files. PDF restrictions remover retains proper formatting and content of the original PDF

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HTML Print Command Line 2.0: HTML Print does batch print HTML files to printer from command line

HTML Print Command Line 2.0

printer; 5. HTML Print support more than 100 standard paper types (See Paper Definition); 6. HTML Print support any custom paper size; 7. HTML Print support list the printers which installed in the system; 8. HTML Print support list bins/trays of a printer; 9. HTML Print able to set paper bin (paper tray) to a specific printer; 10. HTML Print support restore original settings to printer after printing; 11. HTML Print support check status for print

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Restrict Pdf Printing Editing Copying

printing or content copying. AWinware pdf encryption software is easy to use and robust program for protecting your digital Adobe pdf documents from unauthorized access. Pdf encryption software protects your pdf file with pdf open password security and owner restrictions. Owner restrictions includes disabled printing, blocked editing, denied pdf content copying, restricted page extraction, form filling, commenting and signing etc. Pdf encrypt tool

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Unlock Pdf Print Copy Edit Security 1.2: Unlock pdf restrictions in few seconds easily using Pdf security remover tool

Unlock Pdf Print Copy Edit Security 1.2

print, edit, modify, change, form fill, sign, comment, extract, split and merge your secured pdf files. Pdf restrictions removal application can unlock RC4 as well as AES encryption security lock, even protected with 128 bits or 256 bit security password. Pdf password remover software can also remove pdf user password but user need to input it once to unlock. Features: 1. Software is easy to use and Windows compatible. 2. Pdf security remover can

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Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor 4.0

Printer Monitor has the possibility to monitor up to 4000 printers. Features: Monitor all printers connected to a computer Record print job details including users, computers, printers, document name, number of pages, date and time when the job occurred Provides reports on printers, users and computers Provides aggregated period statistics for users, computers and printers View print job content Pause or lock all new print jobs Restrict printing

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PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager Centralized print manager / print tracker / print counter / printer monitor.

PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager

printing activity, analyze and monitor printing costs, charge print jobs by billing code entry, confirm and authenticate printing on the workstation before the actual print, eliminate paper wastage and reduce maintenance time of your printers. Printer Admin - Print Job Manager supports all brands of printers and all types of printing environments (print server / non print server / direct IP printer / workstation connected printer). The software doesn

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XUS PC Lock Professional Edition 4.2: XUS PC Lock - An easy, fast, new and fun way to lock your computer

XUS PC Lock Professional Edition 4.2

Lock is a powerful lock computer application. It offers a new and fun way for you to lock your computer. Before using XUS PC Lock, you have to define your lock pattern. The next time you will see the lock screen, You trace your mouse in the pattern you drew before and your computer will unlock. Any other pattern and in any other order will not unlock the computer. XUS PC Lock can lock the whole computer. This is the most feature rich lock computer

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